Cooking Classes

In the Casale, there is the opportunity to do many different activities,such as keeping in touch with nature, buying typical Tuscan products, learning to cook Tuscan style and making cheese.

The owner of the Casale, the Salvadori family, organizes a tasting of Tuscan products made on the farm like olive oil, wine, vinsanto and pecorino cheese.

For at least 4 people, it is possible to take part in a cooking class, including a cheese making course. The class concludes with dinner with the family. The courses are taught by Paola Salvadori in Italian but also in English. Paola teaches the secret to preparing typical dishes served with wine so you can show your friends and relatives a piece of Tuscany! The cheese courses are taught by Lapo showing how to prepare a typical “pecorino” cheese with unpasteurized milk as is the tradition. Lapo teaches how to transform milk into different kinds of cheese and how to conserve it.

Moreover the guests can take part in the grape harvesting in the later part of September and olive harvesting in October.

It’s a real Tuscan holiday to keep in touch with nature that will be appreciated by adults and young alike, giving you the opportunity to discover old flavour habits that are still very important today.